Experience the latest BETA of the game on any modern PC or MAC right here inside your web browser. If your computer has what it takes, the game will look EXACTLY as you see it in the video above. Play the most advanced browser-based multiplayer first person shooter ever created. Always FREE.

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Still need help? Is something not working? Then click this button! And when things go wrong, always remember to try a different version of the game. If the web gives you trouble, try the downloadable (or vice versa). Also, don't forget that what you are seeing now is still a BETA of a cutting edge browser-based multiplayer FPS, and as a result, you may not be able to run it on a lower-end and/or older computers.
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This Browser-based multiplayer first-person shooter features: 10 unlockable semi-realistic weapons (including: rifles, scopes, grenades and RPGs) in addition to multiple Achievements and High-Scores Ranking system, all within a fully destructible 3D environment.

NOTE: This game uses the Unity3D browser plug-in. If you are unable to start the game, try re-installing the plug-in via: http://unity3d.com/webplayer/

Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
Shoot: Left Mouse Button
Zoom: Right Mouse Button
Throw Grenade: G
Reload: R
Quick Taunt: Spacebar
Chat with Everyone: Enter
Team Chat: U
Unlock new weapons by shooting others.
Earn grenades by capturing check-points.
Change controls and mouse sensitivity in the Settings menu.

RANDOM TIPS: Score 25 kills to earn your first weapon upgrade. Click the Right Mouse Button to zoom at objects which are too far to see with a naked eye. To capture checkpoints, stand next to the giant TV screens until the bar reaches 100%. You can destroy almost anything by shooting it, or by throwing a grenade with the G key. Your rank is mostly based on your kills/deaths ratio. Protect yourself from bullets by hiding inside buildings. Uneven teams with less players will have the "Underdog" health and armor bonus. Stay close to the bottomless green ammo boxes. If you are tired of Laggy servers, press the "Host Server" button in the main menu and have others join your game. Hosting on a reliable Internet connection for a prolonged period of time will allow you to unlock 6, 8 and 10 player modes. No Bunny-Hopping allowed. Rocket Propelled Grenades will bounce off the ground to prevent n00b-tubing. Water is bulletproof (just like in real life). What you are seeing now is a BETA of an indie game designed to run inside a web-browser. Unfortunately this is NOT a DVD-based multi-million-dollar console title :(

Above you will find actual in-game video footage of the intense Multiplayer FPS action that is featured in this game. If your computer has what it takes, the game will look exactly as seen here

Please wait patiently while the game is loading. It should only take a minute, unless you are still using a dial-up connection :(

You are about to experience intense Multiplayer FPS action featuring: fully destructible 3D environments and an array of unlock-able semi-realistic weapons (including scopes, grenades, and RPG’s)

Don’t forget that you can always change your keys and game preferences from the Settings menu. Simply press the ‘Escape’ key at any time to get started

Did you know that Reading is your friend? Make sure to read all of the helpful tips provided to you while choosing your weapons and characters, as well as inside the actual game. Hooked on Reading WILL work for you!

Remember that what you are seeing now is only a Beta of the final game. If you see a feature or an option that is still missing, chances are someone is already working on it. But if you’re not sure, simply complain, and someone might choose not to ignore you :)

Remember to ask your fellow gamers for help if you ever get stuck, or if something does not make sense. Simply press the ‘Enter’ key inside the game to chat with others. When your fellow teammates are not calling you a ‘n00b’ and are not accusing others of being cheap, they may offer you some valuable help :)

Remember to always check the server rating before joining a game. If a server is ‘Unrated’ or is considered ‘Laggy’, it may be better to start your own game, and have others join it. Simply press the ‘Host Server” button in the main menu to get started

Tired of getting owned by the pro’s? Is your crappy SMG not doing the needed damage to score those precious points? Then the ancient art of Camping may be for you! Simply hide inside one of the game’s buildings, and shoot at everything that moves :)

Are you tired of Head-Shots, Insta-Gibs and Bunny Hopping? Do you need a break from the gritty realistic military special-forces spewing profanity? Then you have come to the right place!